Softness into Hardness is a study of the combination between the soft and hard materials.


Which was later translated into objects which has the soft qualities for the tools with hard qualities.



Using soft material requires more attention and care. By applying soft material into hard material, it creates the soft feeling within the hardness.


The care and the attention that is put in when applying the soft material also shows the more soft character.

It is interesting to see how the soft material interacts with the hard material. It is also interesting to see how just a little bit of softness within the hard surface can make the whole thing feel more soft.

With this project, I wanted to use the qualities of the rubber material to create softness into the ‘destroying’ metallic tools which could be seen rather aggressive.

The softness is not only experienced through the aesthetics and the texture of the material. It can also be experienced through the movement. I used the flexible and elastic qualities of the rubber to create softer movement when the tools are used.


The contrast was created between the metal parts of the tools, which are constructed precisely with the machines, to the rubber which is shaped by hands.

Also the colour was explored to make the rubber parts of the tools to be related closer to the human skin.

The movements of the tools also bring humour into the tools, making them feel much more friendly.

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