Comfort Tumour was part of the exhibition in DDW 2014 with the collaboration with the Woonbedrijf Eindhoven.


It looks at the existing trend of work environments and fights the trend of 'friendly work' spaces, which I believe is 'more work' underneath


(2014)   |   foam, felt

Work has been invading us.


It’s been invading us with the deception of creating comfort in the work, while all it was after was the productivity of the work.

It says that it’s giving comfort and taking care of the well-being of the workers but what it was really after was the increase in effectiveness of it’s productivity.

It invaded us almost like a virus without us knowing it. It became so natural for us now we are not even questioning it’s purpose.


I wanted to fight this work.

By having the comfort to grow in the office furniture like mold/tumor to take away it’s productivity and bring pure comfort into work.


Work environment and office furnitures have became more and more comfortable and friendly. Largely due to the current trend of free and open offices highly  practiced by Google. They say it’s to make the workers more comfortable and to take care of their well-being. But in the deep down purpose is to make people more productive and work better.


I wanted to fight this by having the comfort to invade the work.

Invading the work with only pure intention of creating comfort.


I have chosen the mold and tumor as means to deliver the comfort into work because it can look aesthetically beautiful but also deadly in it’s infection. I wanted the comfort to grow in pleasing manner but effective in it’s purpose to give comfort.


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